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America’s first high-resolution sunglasses

BluBlocker – the finest sunglasses you can own

BluBlocker is one of the most important pair of sunglasses you will ever acquire. BluBlocker high-resolution sunglasses protect you eyes by eliminating the damaging ultraviolet and blue spectrum light waves. BluBlocker sunglasses also dramatically help your vision by reducing glare. Objects appear sharper and clearer, permitting you to see better and farther.

Outstanding clarity – letting the good rays in

Blue light does not focus clearly on your retina, which is the focusing screen in your eyes. By filtering out all the blue and UV light but letting most of the good light rays through to your eyes, BluBlockers do not seem like sunglasses. The world around you appears brighter, clearer and more defined with less eyestrain.

Quality construction

Each pair of BluBlocker sunglasses uses a special form of nylon material with “memory retention”. Simply stated, the BluBlocker frame will flex back into its original position after deflection.
Each lens is created with the UV and blue filtering material within the lens itself. There is no spray-on coating that may later rub off. And each lens has an anti-scratch coating which protects its finish under normal use.
The BluBlocker lenses are made of Malenium – a very tough protective lens that is so rugged that it will not shatter on impact. This extra level of protection makes BluBlocker lens ideal for sports activities. NB There are many imitation sunglasses, but none use the formula and technology BluBlocker Corporation uses in their sunglass products.
BluBlocker sunglasses are effective in blocking out all the sun’s dangerous UV and blue spectrum light. But the dangers of the UV and blue light exist on cloudy as well as sunny days and in wintertime as well as summer. BluBlocker sunglasses reduce the sun’s glare in the summer but on cloudy days they seem to brighten and enhance the view. In short, they are all-season, all-weather sunglasses that seem to balance and control the light intensity no matter when you wear them.

How to protect your BluBlocker sunglasses

Always keep your sunglasses in your carrying case when you are not using them.
Always keep them in the same place in your car and never place them on a seat or area where you will accidentally sit on them. In a car, you can keep BluBlockers in your glove compartment. Extreme temperatures should not affect the quality or durability of your sunglasses.

Cleaning your BluBlocker sunglasses

Clean your BluBlocker sunglasses as you would any pair of glasses. Always use a soft cloth and slightly soapy water. The BluBlocker Malenium lens cleaning system is strongly recommended.

The Power of Polarization to Filter Light

Picture a lens cut in half into two layers with a third layer sandwiched in between. The sandwiched layer has miniature light baffles (similar to blinds on a window) that cut out a lot of scattered and reflected light.
The end result is a sunglass lens that’s great for driving. Because the polarized lens blocks reflected rays off your dashboard, the windshield looks like it disappeared.
Here’s another example of how polarization works: If you look at water in a pool with a standard lens, it’s difficult to clearly see an object under water. This is because the surface of the water is reflecting light from all different directions. Polarized lenses filter those reflected rays so you can see below the surface of the water much more clearly.
Unlike many other polarized lenses, which are made of cheap plastic, BluBlocker high-resolution polarized sunglasses contain Malenium Polycarbonate. This is a powerful resin that makes our lenses so strong you can hit them with a hammer and they won’t shatter.
If you want the ultimate protection and the ultimate pair of BluBlocker sunglasses, purchase one of our polarized models for an exceptional price.
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